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Current Programs

  • Daily 5-time Salat with reminders

  • Weekly Reminders - Quran Tafseer, Seearh of Prophet(SAW), Prophetic Etiquettes

  • Fajr first with community breakfast for brothers

  • Al-Falah Maktab Program for Quran, Hifdh & Deeniyath

  • Bi-Weekly Community Halaqas with dinner Served

  • Boys and Girls Youth Programs, Summer Camps

  • Monthly Halaqa for Sisters

  • Dawah & Outreadh

Future Programs

  • Adult classes covering Quranic Arabic, Tajweed, Fiqh

  • Reverts Educational Program

  • Chaplin services to Hospitals and Prisons

  • Economical and sustainable funeral services

  • Masjid Expansion to address space issues, especially for Sisters

Ramadhan -2023 Fund Raising(20 × 11 in).png
Image by Faruk Kaymak

Ways to Donate

Use any of the following methods to donate to ISF operations.

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