The Young Basheers
The Young Basheers (as it is affectionately known) is a platform for young boys and girls to to become better Muslims, through learning, interaction, sharing experiences, challenges and solutions, leading/participating in social service projects and outreach activities, while also, having fun through "Halal" recreation, adventure and sport.
Minimum age is 11 years; Boys and girls interact in separate groups. Please email Youth Committee Leaders to enroll or for more information.
Why Young Basheers?
  • Engage youth towards Masjid & to learn deen
    • Reinforce importance of praying in the Masjid, especially for boys.
    • Conduct youth meet ups in the Masjid with topic based discussions
    • Involve youth for Masjid related activities​
  • Mentor & Guide Youth
    • Open a channel of communication and trust to share young adults experience who faced simialr challenges
    • Stress on the importance of education (both Islamic and academic)
    • Guide and encourage youth for their career aspirations 
  • Have Fun
    • Sports & Games
    • Indoor & Outdoor events
    • Fun trips & enjoy food

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