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Al-Falah Islamic School

Al-Falah Islamic School (AFIS) is operated by ISF. AFIS has been established with a noble objective of providing Islamic education to Muslim families residing in and around Greater Metro west area. Islamic education and knowledge given to Muslim children will help to build good morals, equips them with the necessary education to maintain pure Islamic identity in the broader society and lead to development of Islamic character based on the following tenets:

  1. Akhlaq

  2. Ilm

  3. Ikhlas

  4. Sunnah

  5. Imaan

The above tenets are guided by the teachings from the Holy Quran, the Sunnah (Traditions of Prophet Muhammad PBUH) and the Ijmaa of the Sahabah (Companions of Prophet Muhammad  PBUH). 


The curriculum of AFIS is rooted in Islamic values and beliefs. All learning is approached with the intention of developing Taqwa (a highly developed and profound awareness of Allah SWT) within the student community. Curriculum of AFIS includes:

  1. Noorani Qaidah/Nazera: Teaching of Arabic alphabet & phonetics, Quraanic recitation with Tajweed

  2. Hifz: Memorization of Holy Quran

  3. Deeniyath: 7 subjects are taught : Fiqh, Ahadith, Sirah, Tarikh, Aqaid, Akhlaq, and Adab, utilizing Engage & Learn approach. Class-based teaching, exercises, activities, along with simple take-home activities to reinforce learning

School Timings

  • 5 days a week

  • Monday through Friday: 5:30 PM to 8 PM

School Fees

a. All school-fees must be paid before 5th of each month
b. The school reserves the right to suspend/expel the student for non payment
c. All parents are encouraged for sign up for mailing in checks or signup recurring via PayPal (Please mention AFIS in the memo).
d. Below is fees schedule based on school program:
        i. Fees for  Hifz students  is $1800 for the year
       ii. Fees for Nazera and  Noorani Qaida students is $900 for  the year
      iii. A 20% multi sibling discount is given to 2nd and 3rd child attending school from the same family. There is no school 
            fee for fourth child onwards.
      iv. Above rules do not apply to parents enrolled in fee waiver program. 
       v. Education material for deeniyath will be provided to all students by school cost of $10.00  but if second copy of 
            educational material is needed, $15.00 fees will be applied.


The teachers can click here to access the attendance website.

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