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2018 Ramadan Programs

  • Iftar & Dinner Arrangement  -  Every Saturday & Sunday

  • Taraweeh salat led by visiting Hafiz Maulana Abdul Rahman Jabir

  • Completion of Quran recitation in Taraweeh on 27th night (night prior to 27th day), followed by special dua/program

  • Tahajjud salat with jamat on every odd night during last 10 days

  • Click here to download Ramadan Prayer times.

2018 Ramadan Budget

How can I donate?

We request your donations to support Ramadan programs. Suggested donation amount is $250. Please donate using any of the following methods.

Donate at the Masjid with Credit Card or Debit Card:
Contact Khalid Jaleel to make an on-the-spot immediate donation

Please make checks payable to ISF and mail to P.O Box 1962, Framingham, MA 01701

Cash/Checks can be dropped at:
Donation box in the masjid

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