“Who is it that would loan Allah a goodly loan so He will multiply it for him and he will have a noble reward?”

Qur’ān 57:11


Alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah SWT that He allowed us to have a successful fundraiser with His infinite mercy and blessings. We would like to take this opportunity to say JazakAllahu Khair, may Allah SWT reward everyone in this world and in the hereafter for participating and supporting our effort to establish this community center (Ameen).

We pray to Allah (SWT) to make this community center a source of goodness where we can come to learn, grow together and unite as a community and an Ummah. May this be a beacon of knowledge and khair and a center that is established on the Quran and Sunnah. 


ISF Community Center will unify the community, strengthen the youth and expand our capabilities In Shaa Allāh.

As Salāmu ‘Alaykum respected elders, brothers and sisters of the Metrowest community and beyond. The Islamic Society of Framingham is happy to inform you that we are inquiring to purchase a new property on 34 Deloss St. across Masjid-e-Basheer.

Why are we purchasing this property?

Al Hamdu Lillāh we have a fully functioning masjid. However, there are certain boundaries that the masjid cannot overstep and certain needs of the community that it cannot fulfill.


The Future is BRIGHT!

This property will allow the Framingham community, youth, and anyone else around the area to utilize the ISF community Center in a safe and purposeful way. This building has the potential to symbolize a united community.


We intend the ISF community Center to impact all levels of the community. From youth game nights, to adult classes, to sisters’ only bayaans, to senior nights, we have a full array of future plans. In addition, we plan to leverage the talents and skills of our community members that are doctors, business owners, field workers, and educators to make the ISF community Center a place where they can provide honest mentorship.


This is not just a property of ISF, this is for you, this is for the community, and this is for our future.

Needs and Purpose of the property

  • Additional Prayer Area

  • Partitioned Classroom Area

  • Additional Qur’an/Hadith Learning Area Recreational/Youth Area

  • Islamic Socializing Space & Family Center Additional Eating Area

  • Sisters’ Islamic Event Area

  • Islamic Social Center for Seniors

  • Islam 101 Classes & Workshops

  • Dawah Programs (Invitation to Islam) Islamic Library

  • Free Medical Clinics

  • Food Pantry

What is the cost?

A full payment of property will cost $500,000. Al Hamdu Lillāh, the owner of the property has allowed us to pay by a “rent-to-buy” system.


What does that mean?

This means on October 31st, we will need to fundraise a total amount of $235,000, which is as a down payment of $150,000, closing cost of $10,000, misc. expenses/construction cost of $50,000 and a 3 month payment buffer of $25,000. After which, a monthly “rent” of $6,500 a month will need to be paid until the purchase is complete.

Fundraising Goal By October 31st

Purchase Price - $500,000

Total Fund Raising Goal -  $235,000

Recurring Paymets (60 months) -  $6,500

Image by Faruk Kaymak

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